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“You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them to discover it within themselves.”


Over many years Inspire Transformation has been involved in the design of a range of e-learning programmes which complement our consultancy and training, or any in-house or on-the-job learning.

One of these e learning programmes is Alchemy for Managers, the complete A to Z of management knowledge and tools. Inspire Transformation managing consultant Melanie Greene has written three modules on learning, coaching yourself, and confidence for this comprehensive online resource. So far it covers 104 management topics from assertiveness and appraisals to vision and work-life balance.

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Free to charities

Alchemy For Managers is being offered free to charities. Please email Paul Matthews for more details.

Your own bespoke e learning package

If you are looking for bespoke content for your own e learning programmes or short modules on your intranet, we can provide material based on any of the topics listed on our training page. Call 01865 377334 or email

What makes Inspire Transformation e-learning different?

Our programmes provide effective learning solutions through:

Interested in a tailored e-learning programme for your organisation? Contact Melanie Greene on 01865 377334 or email