Is coaching for you?

“Your own insight in your own time has the greatest meaning and value.”

Ann Dickson

Do you...

Have you ever considered coaching but don’t know how it can help you?

Click here to take our Free Coaching Audit that gives you the opportunity to discuss:

The Free Coaching Audit also provides an opportunity to find out how I work with clients, my style and approach.

How does the Coaching Audit work?

To get started simply click here to download the questionnaire, complete it and return to start the process. If you require more information contact Melanie on 01865 377334 or email

Who benefits from coaching?

Since starting coaching in 1991 I have coached a wide variety of people, and have come to realise that the common factor in terms of whether people benefit from coaching is that they are ready and willing to take action and change. This might sound obvious, but occasionally clients have come my way who want things to be different, but are not willing to make the changes themselves.

The following are some examples of how clients have used coaching:

Where does the coaching take place?

Most of my coaching programmes take place face to face, at the following locations:

Next steps…

“I am a self-employed marketing consultant and initially approached Melanie for a free coaching audit as I was struggling with a particularly difficult client and thought that an independent external coach might help me manage the situation. It's difficult to articulate, but Melanie's approach, how she made me think about the issues - even over the free audit telephone call - was impressive and really helped change how I viewed and dealt with it.

Melanie's coaching has completely changed how I deal with challenging work and personal situations, and my business has definitely benefited as a result. Being self-employed I miss having colleagues to discuss scenarios, problems or even to celebrate successes, so monthly coaching with Melanie gives me this, but in a structured way so that I leave each session feeling that at least one issue has been taken care of or I have set myself a task to deal with before our next meeting.”

MD, Marketing Consultant, City of London