Voluntary Work Within The Community

“You must give some time to your fellow men. Even if it's a little thing, do something for others - something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.”

Albert Schweitzer

Many organisations talk about Corporate Social Responsibility which can come about in many different ways. At Inspire Transformation it is our voluntary work within our local community via working with schools.

In addition to our paid work in schools Melanie runs a number of programmes on a voluntary basis for students, as well as being Chair of the management committee of the Oxfordshire Business Education Alliance since 2004.

The following are some of the projects that Melanie and her associates get involved in:

Three day problem solving programme

This is for gifted and able students from four secondary schools. They learn about problem solving techniques on day one. Day two sees them working in small groups within organisations solving real life problems. Then on day three they work together to analyse the results, find solutions and present their findings to the organisations involved.

Three day Business Team Challenge programme

This is for students from four secondary schools who are often quiet in the classroom and have a habit of go unnoticed. They learn about team working on day one, and then work in small groups in an organisation learning about what it does, how it works and the different roles that people play within the organisation. They do this by interviewing key personnel to find out about the world of work and business. They then present what they have learn on day three.

Presenting with confidence workshops

This is part of a secondary schoolís Futures Day, which is designed to help prepare 6th form students for applying for jobs, to go to college or university. The workshops help students to develop their confidence to present themselves in interviews for university, college or for jobs.

Mentoring students

Providing face to face and e mentoring support to students.

6th Form Conferences

Over the years Melanie has run a number of workshops for her local secondary school at their Annual Philosophy and Ethics Conference on a range of topics from Transcending Differences to Can this be True?, exploring the role of perception on how we decide that is true and what is not.