Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom

Master your Inner Critic by Melanie Greene

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Melanie Greene’s first book was published in January 2008 by Summersdale Publishing

Do you:

The inner critic is the little (or sometimes big) voice in your head that says:

“You’re not good enough” or “Why did you do that?” or “Nobody will want to be friends with you””...

This negative voice can have a profound effect in personal relationships or professional situations.

In this book, Melanie Greene shows you how, step-by-step, you can transform your thoughts, feelings and behaviour by celebrating your strengths and recognising the positive.

Master your inner critic and release your inner wisdom to become more confident, successful and content in all aspects of your life.

Feedback from readers:

“I thought the book was really excellent and inspiring. I loved the way you combined ideas from Buddhism and NLP, and tried some of the exercises to good effect (I especially like writing to your inner agony aunt!). I work in private practice as a counselling psychologist, and have recommended the book to many clients. For the last 18 months I have had a column in a glossy magazine called Psychologies, where I do a two-hour session with a reader which we then edit into an article. In the May edition I mention your book in the column.“
Jacqui Marson, Chartered Counselling Psychologist,

“I read it cover to cover in one day!!! I thought it was excellent and so practical. Thanks again for such a wonderful book, it has really helped me and I am going to incorporate as many tips as possible into my life.“ ST

“I read your book in a day, it was nice and easy to read and I really liked the way that it was structured.“ NB

“Couldn't put it down and have even bought a couple of the recommended reading which are also thought provoking. It is an inspiring read even from a positive person perspective who lives life to the full. I think your challenge is to get your glass half empty people to admit they see life like that and read the book!“ WSL

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