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Our online courses use a series of e-workbooks and videos or audio clips that will keep you engaged and learning new tips and techniques over a period of time. Each 'learning bite' comes by email straight to your desktop or laptop or smartphone.

Click here to start Mastering Your Inner Critic right now. For only £127.50 including VAT you will receive the link for your first e-booklet so you can download it and start working on mastering your inner critic straight away. This will be followed a few days later by the first video clip. You will receive a total of four e-books and four video clips over the next couple of weeks.

Special Offer: spring clean your inner critic

I am giving a special offer to people who book one of the following before 1st May 2012.

Book the online Master Your Inner Critic programme before 1st May 2012 and you will get a discount, so instead of paying £127.50 inc VAT you will only pay £95.00 inc. VAT

Deluxe Master Your Inner Critic online programme with a one hour telephone coaching session after you have completed the online programme. If you want to discuss your specific needs having been through the programme I am offering a one hour telephone coaching session. This is included in the special offer, so if you sign up before 1st May 2012, the usual price is £230 inc VAT, but you will only pay £185 inc VAT

Email to book your place today and start the online programme as soon as you register.

You will benefit by:

A brand new way to access the Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom techniques and inspiration.

Iím very excited to launch my first online training programme based on my book: Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom, in conjunction with Making The Link.

If you want to Ö

Öthen click here to start Mastering Your Inner Critic right now. For only £127.50 including VAT you will receive:

Then take action today to start to master your inner critic and you will learn techniques to enable you to live a more relaxed, confident and contented life based on your inner critic wisdom rather than your inner critic.

Corporate Licences for our online programmes Ė if as an organisation you would like to buy multiple copies of our programmes do contact Melanie Greene on 01865 377334 or email as we are putting together corporate licence fees for multiple use of Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom and the other programmes created by Making The Link.

Future online courses

Over the coming 12 months I will be launching other online programmes including 30 day audio online programmes covering:

Other online courses which Making The Link offer

Click here to watch introductory video clips of any of the other online programmes that Making The Link offer:

And Making The Link are adding more online courses the whole time.

So, go ahead reduce your carbon footprint, save time, money, learn techniques you can apply today and put your effort into enjoying each programme.

Corporate Licences - If you are looking to train a larger group, or require access to these courses for your organisation please contact us for licensing arrangements to reduce your carbon footprint, enable people to learn at their pace, and increase their ability to apply what they learn back at work. Email Melanie on for more details.

Feedback from my face to face training programmes

The following is feedback from previous Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom Programmes:

“I have to say that I have had a very uplifting few months since the course. I am sure in some ways the course was the start, kick off, to my more positive self care. I think the word self care has stuck with me most during this time as I have tended to give myself quite a hard time and carried everything on my not so broad shoulders. So a big thank you for your wisdom.”

CEO, Education Business Partnership

“Thanks for your reminder about my inner critic. Weíve been having lots of fun with him, as he is now pinned up inside a cupboard in the new office. I see him every time I open the cupboard to boil the kettle and have a good giggle when I see him in his tutu!

Iím listening to the different voices much more and have noticed two things. Since Iíve been acknowledging the voices that wake me up early, theyíve not been bothering me as much! If they do wake me up, I give them all time to have their say and then I go back to sleep. The second thing is that Iíve done two dressage competitions this month and didnít feel nervous at either. My fun child was with me all the time, reminding me that I ride for fun and not to take things too seriously. I think my horse prefers when I donít get nervous too!”

Managing Director, Marketing Consultancy