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“So much has been given to me.I have not time to ponder that which has been denied.”

Helen Keller

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In 1991 I fulfilled my dream of setting up my own business. This provides me with the flexibility to develop ideas and programmes to make a difference to people and organisations, while having time to develop myself further and have a more balanced life.

In terms of my own background and professional development, there have been several phases in my on-going development. I have been working as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist since 1988. What attracted me into this field was the fact that we spend the majority of life at work and if we are not happy and fulfilled in the work we do or with our working relationships and environment, then it can have a profound affect on contentment and satisfaction in life.

I was interested in finding out for myself and for my clients what makes us tick, what drives our behaviour or hinders us from performing well. What can we do to transform our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and thereby our lives so that we are fulfilled and content.

This resulted in me training as a NLP Master Practitioner and also exploring Transactional Analysis in more depth. I am a pragmatist and also practice what I preach, so if I find new ideas and techniques that work for me they go into my tool kit for future use with clients.

Since 2006 I have been writing on a monthly coaching newsletter, Inspire, to provide hints, tips and ideas on a different topic each month. The biggest challenge is that I find I have to live each topic, which has interesting ramifications for my own life!

In January 2008 my first book ‘Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom’ was published. This comes from my own experiences of using techniques I created, and then shared with clients. Mastering my own inner critic has had such a profound impact on my life, I wanted to share the ideas and techniques with others through the book. You don�t have to live with the worry, anxiety, and misery that the inner critic can create. I know from my own and my client�s experiences that mastering the old inner critic can create more happiness, contentment and confidence in ourselves.

If you want to find out more or discuss your own professional and personal development then call me on 01865 377334 or emailmg@inspiretransformation.co.uk

With best wishes

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Melanie Greene
Chartered Occupational Psychologist
Managing Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Writer

Inspire Transformation's Associates...

Over the years Inspire Transformation has developed links with a number of professionals who compliment our main consultancy, training and coaching services.

These are trusted associates who have a high level of experience and expertise in their specialist areas. Here brief descriptions about each of them with links to their websites.

HR & Employment Specialist

Jayne Evans
Jayne heads up a consultancy that specialises in providing 'one stop shop' to provide HR support and advice to start-up, small and medium size companies. She works with employers across different types of organisations from healthcare to food production.

Development Consultants

Breda Flaherty
Breda is intrigued by professional cultures at work, and how these impact on the ways organisations change and develop. With a background in the criminal justice, health, and charity sectors, she brings 20 years' experience as a consultant to making changes and designing learning events.

Breda leads on Management and Leadership for Doctors at the Institute of Postgraduate Medicine, Brighton & Sussex Medical Schools, where she teaches at Masters level, and supports Masters programmes for health and social care professionals. She is currently researching the issue of professionals in changing organisations.

Educational support

Market Research

Martin Holliss
Every kind of marketing research you can imagine desk/secondary, qualitative & quantitative, market/competitor intelligence, customer surveys, brand perceptions and lots more in a wide range of sectors. Probing insightful analysis and action-focused recommendations guaranteed, “...because Hunches and Guesswork are not enough!”

Inspire Transformation's Clients...

Inspire Transformation works with a diverse range of organisations from manufacturing and engineering, meter reading to fitness and opera companies. We work for organisations of varying sizes from partnerships, family run business, to national and international organisations.

Currently about 50% of our work is in the public sector working with schools, social services, police forces and youth offending teams.

Click here for case studies of projects that we have carried out.