Inspire Transformation training programmes

Senior management programmes

Senior managers need to model the behaviours and skills that they want to see within their managers and staff. Therefore how they manage and lead others, how they are seen to communicate and work together will have a profound impact on the effectiveness of the rest of the organisation. They also need to be able to coach and mentor their managers to develop their skills to meet the current and future needs of the organisation.

Our senior management programmes include:

Management programmes

Nowadays most managers are involved in the full gamut of people management from recruitment, day-to-day performance management and supporting the on-going development of their staff. They need to have the knowledge and skills to effectively carry out these roles, so that their teams feel supported, motivated and can perform to the best of their abilities to meet their targets.

Our management programmes include:

Effective team working programmes

When teams work effectively together they can greatly enhance the effectiveness and motivation within the team and the organisation. Learning how individuals tick, and the impact of their team, working styles and personality types on how they work together, can assist a team in getting the most out of each other and managing differences in a constructive manner.

Our team working programmes include:

Communication programmes

Whether it is communicating with within your team or organisation or with clients, suppliers or other agencies, effective communication is essential. Many people find it difficult to respond to situations in an assertive manner, and may even end up avoiding challenging interactions thereby hindering their performance and ability to meet targets.

Our senior communication programmes include:

Personal management programmes

Our effectiveness and overall performance is as much influenced by our relationship with ourselves, as it is by our relationships with others. The more we learn how to manage our mood, thoughts and beliefs, the better able we are do deal with the pressures and stresses that we face, to ensure that we can rise to challenges, stay motivated, energised to meet our targets and enjoy our working lives.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

MBTI is a powerful developmental tool to assist people in learning how individuals tick, the impact of personality types on how we communicate, react to conflict, make decisions, plan our work. MBTI can assist a team in getting the most out of each other and managing differences in a constructive manner.

Our MBTI programmes include:

Miscellaneous programmes

We run a number of bespoke programmes that do not necessarily fall into the above headings. If you or your team has training and development needs that are specific to your organisation then contact us to discuss how we can create a programme to meet those needs.

Our miscellaneous programmes include: