Training for teachers, administrative staff and educational professionals

“We crawl before we walk. We learn arithmetic before algebra. We must fix ourselves before we can fix others. If you want to make a change in your life, the place to begin is with yourself, not with your parents, or your boyfriend or your teacher. All change begins with you. Itís inside out. Not outside in. ”

Sean Covey: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers

We work with teachers, administrative staff and other professionals to help them meet the demands of todayís results-driven education system. While assisting staff to rise to the challenges and manage the pressures of working in todayís educational system. We also help schools set up student mentoring schemes.

Training for teachers and staff

Typically, our programmes address:

Training for mentoring schemes

Inspire Transformation assists schools and colleges to set up and run student mentoring schemes using local business people in the role of voluntary student mentors.

We use both face-to-face and e-mentoring techniques, training the mentoring co-ordinators, business mentors and students so that they can get the most from the process. In association with the Oxfordshire Education Business Partnership, we have created a training package to assist education business partnerships generally, as well as schools and colleges, in managing e-mentoring programmes.

We also work with assignment-based e-mentoring, which is particularly suited to business studies students and includes computer-based training for the mentors and face-to-face training for students.


Inspire Transformation is actively involved in the initiative, working both with business education partnerships and Oxford University. For the latter, this included student and mentor training to encourage students with disabilities into higher education.

Confidence workshop

We run confidence workshops comprising two two-hour sessions. These learn techniques with which to manage exam nerves, job or university interviews and other similar performance-driven situations with greater assurance.

To find out more about our training programmes for school management and staff, or our student mentoring schemes and workshops, call Melanie Greene now on 01865 377334 or email