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L&D, HR Taster Workshop

Resilience at Work

Wednesday 15 July 2020
9.50am gather online, 10.00am start, finish 11.30am
You & Your Organisation
Are the managers and staff that you support finding:

  • The challenges of these times difficult to rise to: lockdown, return to work, home working, working and managing remote teams?
  • It a struggle to be resilient in these times of change, getting anxious, stressed?
  • It hard to maintain motivation, concentration and performance?
    That some working relationships are being stretched because of these challenges?

Aims & Objectives
The aim of this session is to provide L&D and HR personnel the opportunity to get a taste for my approach to:

  • The topic of Resilience At Work exploring two key models:
    o   The Zone of Optimal Performance
    o   The Brain’s Threat Response
  • My approach to using Zoom to make the workshops as interactive and as interesting as possible while using online technology. 

Places are limited to 10 people so that you can have the same experience as a participant would – if there is the demand I will run this more than once.
What in it for you? This taster workshop will give you real tools and techniques that you can share with your colleagues.

It is based on my new online programme where I have taken my standard Resilience At Work programme, which is usually two, half-day, face to face workshops, and created an online programme of four 2.5 hour workshops usually every fortnight. This has been trialled successfully in one of my client organisations.
Previous participants’ comments:

  • ‘The format of the whole session, combining discussions, PowerPoint presentation, breakout group, feedbacks, is very good. Kept the whole session very dynamic. The freedom to share or not, personal experiences is important. It doesn't put any pressure on any participant. Content: the list of additional resources sent after the meeting on points discussed during the session is helpful.’
  • ‘The importance of proactive management of mood’.
  • ‘It is possible to implement small changes quite easily in my daily routine.’
  • ‘Starting the session with successes achieved by the group after the first session was stimulating. - I like the use of polls, paired and breakout groups. It makes the session very dynamic.’
  • ‘I liked the openness of the discussions with everyone. The interactive mood map was very informative.’
  • ‘Lots of opportunities for interactions. Not rushed. Good use of breakout rooms.’ 

To book your place: Email with the information below. If there is high demand, I might run another taster session later on.
First Name:
Job Title:
Phone number:

  • Yes, I would like to attend on Wednesday 15 July
  • I would like to attend but cannot make Wednesday 15 July
  • I cannot attend but I would like more information about your training and coaching work

Being & Doing - spring into action

Being & Doing - spring into action

Do you find that

  • You set goals and then stumble at the first hurdle?
  • You don't know where to turn for support when you come up against obstacles?
  • You are your own worst enemy?
  • Your mood and motivation is affected by your environment, and stopping you from doing what you want to do?
  • You lose sleep worrying about how you will achieve your goals?

See below for special rates during these challenging times

This 8 week online course will cover the following themes:

Week 1     Being & Doing – staying in the ‘Zone of Optimal Performance’.

Week 2     The Hero’s Journey – overcoming obstacles and enhancing your Emotional Intelligence.

Week 3     Managing Your Mood, Mind And Motivation.

Week 4     Understanding Yourself Part 1: your personality, who are you?

Week 5     Developing a ‘Growth Mindset’: to assist you in continuing to change long after this course has finished.

Week 6     Your Sphere Of Influence: focussing on what you can change, and how you communicate with and influence others.

Week 7     Understanding Yourself Part 2: What drives your behaviour, how to be OK all of the time.

Week 8     Returning Home & Celebrating – Reviewing your successes, what you have learned. Exploring what next and how you can keep developing yourself further using the tools and techniques on an on-going basis?

Each week will include:  

Monday Motivational videos – with me introducing the topic of the week providing you with.

  • Worksheets, handouts, tools and techniques to help you take action during the week.

Wonderful Wednesdays – what are your gratitudes this week? How do you change your being to help you to keep doing?

Fantastic Fridays:

  • End the week on a high, whatever has happened.
  • I will share a different technique each week to help you to review and learn from your week.
  • I will encourage you to think about what is going to bring you joy, contentment, fun over the weekend. 

Plus, weekly inspiration in the form of TED talks or YouTube postings.

Plus, weekly input from back issues of:

  • Melanie’s Monday Motivational Messages.
  • Inspire coaching newsletters.

Plus, you can work through the material in your own time, so if you are busy at work or on holiday for a period of time, you can still access all the material for your lifetime.

Option, there is also an option to include in the package one, 30 minute 121 Skype or telephone coaching session during the 8-week programme.

Your Investment: There are two packages:

Silver Being & Doing All this for £99 inc. VAT for lifetime access to all the videos, handouts, and exercises. Special rates during these challenging times £49 inc. VAT

Gold Being & Doing All this for £199 inc. VAT for lifetime access to all the videos, handouts, exercises, plus your own 1-2-1, 30 minute Skype coaching session during the 8 weeks to support you in embedding the learning into your life. Special rates during these challenging times £149 inc. VAT

Register now email and I will send you your joining instructions. 

For a taste of my approach watch

  • Watch me Introduce the Being & Doing course:

Past clients have said:

‘Being self-employed, I miss having colleagues to discuss scenarios, problems or even to celebrate successes, coaching with Melanie gives me this. I have learned so much from Melanie in terms of how to process information. She never judges me, but her relaxed and calm personality definitely helps me put a different perspective on issues and gives me confidence to then know how to deal with them.’ MD Marketing Consultant

‘Like many I sometimes struggled to maintain a steady level of confidence, optimism or motivation. Melanie introduced me to exercises and techniques which help maintain the habits of confidence and motivation which lead to a more productive and happier life. Melanie is very experienced, caring and conscientious and any team, business or individual will benefit from her guidance.’ FM Financial Consultant

 Next steps …

Only 12 places available … To find out more and apply for your place email or call Melanie Greene on 01865 377334.


Free webinars

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I run a series of free webinars throughout the year.

To watch recordings of past webinars click 

I am creating a library of videos on all the topics covered here in this wAPP.

Videos related to living and working through these difficult times during the COVID19 pandemic - these are 4-6 minute videos which I am doing 2-3 times a week to help support and inspire others.

Dealing With Anxiety 23 March 2020

Getting to the point of acceptance 25 March 2020 

Review and learn from your week - what does your brain need to thrive? Friday 27 March 2020

What is your Superpower? 30 March 2020

Being Honest About How You Feel 1 April 2020

Count Our Blessings Not Our Deprivations 8 April 2020

Hope Is A Decision With Make 15 April

Importance of milestones to keep us going - 1 May

For longer videos (30 minutes) of my free webinars during the COVID19 Pandemic see:

Being & Doing - how to achieve things in these challenging times

Happy Healthy Conflict - how to communicate in these challenging times

How to have a better relationship with yourself

Topics include: 

  • How to have difficult conversations – a step by step guide


  • Managing Your Mind, Mood & Motivation 

  • Self Leadership - take charge of your own life 

The free coaching audit involves the following: 

The aim of this questionnaire is to assist you in thinking through: 

  • Your strengths and unique qualities that you bring to the coaching process.
  • What you want from coaching and how you will know whether you have achieved this.
  • What might get in the way of making the most of the coaching process.

We will discuss your needs in a confidential conversation to help you to clarify what you want from coaching if you were to undertake it.

If you are from a business or organisation and you want to discuss, in confidence, an organizational issue such as:

  • A team or departments not working effectively together
  • Managers not coaching, developing and supporting their staff
  • Managers being directive and controlling
  • Staff working in an unsustainable way with no ‘work home’ balance
  • Morale is low or stress levels are high and affecting performance
  • Absenteeism or presenteeism is high

Complete the Free Business Audit and send it back to Melanie.

Once you have completed the audit, we will get in contact with you to discuss your needs further.

Buy today!

Do you: 

  • lose sleep worrying about what you haven’t done?
  • find it difficult to list your achievements?
  • allow criticism to get you down?
  • feel terrible when you make a mistake?

The inner critic is the little (or sometimes big) voice in your head that says: “You’re not good enough” or “Why did you do that?” or “Nobody will want to be friends with you”. This negative voice can have a profound effect in personal relationships or professional situations.

 From my own and my clients’ experiences I will show you how, step-by-step, you can transform your thoughts, feelings and behaviour by celebrating your strengths and recognising the positive.

Master your inner critic and release your inner wisdom to become more confident, successful and content in all aspects of your life. 

You can order it direct from  Summersdales Publishing

Conflict in life is hard to avoid: personality clashes, different viewpoints, competing priorities. So, learning how to have those potentially difficult conversations is an invaluable life skill. 

This book is based on my own experiences, plus 30 years of training and coaching people in having difficult conversations, as well as coaching teams in conflict. 

Coming soon … publish date late Autumn 2018

eLearning courses coming soon

  • Happy Healthy Conflict: Having difficult conversations at work and in life
  • Improve Your Performance: manage your mind, mood and behaviour

Each year I recommend a variety of books in my August Inspire newsletter.


Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps by Patti McCarthy I met Patti while networking and we shared a stand together at the Business in Oxford exhibition. This book draws on both her experiences of living in different countries and her work in training business people in understanding and bridging cultural differences. For anyone doing business overseas, this is a must but, in many of my client organisations, staff come from all around the world, so understanding the cultural differences of the person sat next to you would be helpful as well. As I know from my own work in organisations, dealing with different personalities is hard enough without the cultural layers alongside those differences.

Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change and Thrive in Work and Life by Susan David In my view, and the view of many others, Emotional Intelligence is essential to thrive and survive in today’s world. Yet, I see, time and again, emotional rigidity within managers which not only leads to more stress for themselves but for their staff as well. Susan David is a psychologist with Harvard Medical School, a coach in many top American companies, and she writes with experience and knowledge in a very accessible way. Looking at it again, I realise it is a book I want to revisit.

Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter & Holger Rathgeber This was a recommendation by a coaching client. The subtitle is: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions. It is based on the work and experiences of the two authors of managing or instigating change in organisations. It is cleverly told as a fable of a community of penguins who are under threat from the thinning of the iceberg that has been their home forever. With lovely pictures and a simple tale it takes you through eight steps to implementing change successfully which are summarised at the back. They say that teams and organisations have used the fable to explore their responses to crisis and change and, in very simple terms, it identifies all the different characters we see in every organisation and how they help or hinder change.

 Woman in the Wilderness by Miriam Lancewood I first read an article about Miriam’s experiences of living in the wild in Europe last year. It turned out her first experiences of wild living started in New Zealand. When they go into the wild, although they have a tent and some supplies, they often go truly off the beaten track. She hunts, while he stays by the campfire and cooks.

 I love being out in nature but I also love retiring to a dry, warm comfortable bed at night, so I found this story of her and her partner fascinating; their resourcefulness, their resilience, their trust in finding their way, finding food, finding shelter. She learned to be in nature, without any distractions (they do play chess a lot!), and learned to hunt – she had been a vegetarian but realised that she couldn't live that kind of life without eating animal protein. Oh yes, and doing all of this in walking sandals, even in winter! And, of course, it took place in my beloved New Zealand, so it took me back there as well, and re-connected me with how kind and open Kiwis are, as you will hear in the people they meet on their travels.

Crow Lake by Mary Lawson I sometimes recommend fiction rather than self development books. I stumbled on this book in a National Trust second-hand bookshop, and I’m so glad I did. It is about four siblings who are orphaned at the start of the book (not a plot spoiler as it says so on the back cover). The two older boys are determined to bring up their two younger sisters and it is told from the perspective of Kate, the eldest sister, as she reflects on her life, from the perspective of early adulthood. Not surprisingly, as a psychologist, I love books that explore how individuals come to be the people they are today. This is a lovely book, a first book for Mary Lawson, which gently unfolds the drama of these children and the community around them, which tries to support their independence. It is not full of drama, but you can guess that something happens to disrupt their best laid plans.

Online Material

Daylio I have been (up until now) a bit old school with my mood management using my journal (which I still use) and the Mood Map which I often refer to in Inspire (email if you would like a copy of it). However, I read about the Daylio app in an article and thought I would try it out. I usually suggest that people check in with themselves and their mood in the morning, however, this app is about reflecting on your mood at the end of the day and what kind of activities you have been undertaking. I only have the free version but you can still adjust the mood headings and add in activities. For example, I’ve added in Good Night’s Sleep, Being in Nature, Buddhist activities, Timeless Time, etc. so it is very flexible. You can then see how your mood pans out over the month and which activities are linked to good moods or not. And you can write a little about your day. I am finding it very interesting and I am now recommending it to clients.

Inspire wAPP In case you are reading this on my website, but you have not signed up for it yet, my wAPP is now up and running, so register now both to receive Inspire via the wAPP and Melanie’s Monday Motivational Messages or MMMMs which can only be received via the wAPP. You can download the app onto your phone or tablet directly from the website rather than via an App Store, if you have any problems doing this then email

TED talks Most readers of Inspire know I am a big fan of TED talks. Here are just a few that I listened to during my morning pilates sessions at home.

The art of stillness  by Pico Iyer The place that travel writer Pico Iyer would most like to go? Nowhere. In a counterintuitive and lyrical meditation, Iyer takes a look at the incredible insight that comes with taking time for stillness. In our world of constant movement and distraction, he teases out strategies we all can use to take back a few minutes out of every day, or a few days out of every season. It's the talk for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the demands of our world. 


What makes you special? by Mariana Atencio When journalist Mariana Atencio was seven, her father sent her from her home in Venezuela to a summer camp in Brainerd, Minnesota. Unsurprisingly, she was treated like an outsider. Over the course of many more such camps and a senior year in an American high school, she discovered that the best way to belong was to embrace the qualities that made her different. In this deeply personal talk, Atencio describes how these early lessons helped her succeed as an immigrant and as a journalist.  

How to succeed? by Arianna Huffington Get more sleep In this short talk, Arianna Huffington shares a small idea that can awaken much bigger ones: the power of a good night's sleep. Instead of bragging about our sleep deficits, she urges us to shut our eyes and see the big picture: we can sleep our way to increased productivity and happiness -- and smarter decision-making.


Prison Break by Jason Goldberg  

I found Jason Goldberg online, I don't know how, but I was researching online programmes, stumbled across him, took part in one of his free webinars, signed up for his Playful Prosperity Programme and I am hooked. I have been listening to the audio book of Prison Break while I do my pilates at home in the morning. I don't usually listen to audio books, being a visual person, but his bite-sized chapters and use of stories and metaphors mean it is very easy to listen to. Listening (and I am sure reading it will be the same) is like going through a motivational programme each morning. And I am about to start listening to it again. Jason is a very genuine guy who is a coach and speaker, and who walks the talk, is funny and inspiring and very human – unlike quite a lot of the other so called gurus I discovered online this year!

Conversational Intelligence:  how great leaders build trust and get extraordinary results by Judith E Glaser. Although the sub-title mentions leaders, this book is for anyone, whatever your position in an organisation. By changing how you listen to others on a 121 and group basis, you can build trust, enhance your working relationships and improve your performance.

Nothings Wrong: A Man's Guide to managing his feelings by David Kundtz - I’ve mentioned many of David’s books over the years. I bought this book as many of my clients are men. I also have a brother and two nephews, as well as male friends, and I was interested to hear what he had to say about men and emotions. There is also a crisis in male mental health in this country (and clearly in the US as well) so anything that helps get men acknowledging, and perhaps even talking about, their feelings is going to be a bonus. David is a family therapist, who runs programmes for men, and he has a wealth of experience that he shares in a very practical way in the book. I believe it’s a must-read for all men (and women)!

The Lazy Guru's Guide to Life by Laurence Shorter. A lovely, short book to help us understand what happens when we suppress our feelings and how to live in a different way by changing your mind and how you approach life. I Love the 'Beditate' idea: rather than think, ‘Oh no, I’ve got to get out of bed early to meditate’. Just stay in bed and Beditate! For some, it is very easy to dismiss a book like this – cartoons, pictures, few words – but do buy it and stick with it as this is quite profound and I’ve read it many times.

 You Will Not Have My Hate by Antoine Leiris – How would you react if your loved one was killed in a terrorist attack? This short, heart breaking memoir is the story of the hours and days after the Bataclan Attack in Paris, when Antoine’s wife Helene was killed leaving him alone with his 17 month old son. So inspiring and thought provoking.

 Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking by Anya Von Bremzen – This is not a cookbook but a fascinating romp through the last 100 years of the USSR and Russia told from the perspective of a real life family and their fascination with food. This is both informative and entertaining.

 The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story by Hyeonseo Lee – Yes, it does seem like I am a bit obsessed with reading about communist countries – after Nothing to Envy about North Korea last year and the book about USSR. But I do find these real life stories so interesting and one way to learn about what goes on in countries that are so different from ours. I found this gripping and had to stop reading it at night as it was stopping me from going to sleep!

 TED talk:

My philosophy for a happy life  by Sam Berns. This will inspire you and probably bring a tear to your eye; it is hardly surprising it has 23,847,833 views. Sam has Progeria, a condition which ages him and if the internet is correct he died a month after this TED talk, aged 17. His keys to a happy life:

1.    I’m Ok with what I can’t do coz there is so much I can do – always aiming to fulfil my dreams.

2.    Surround myself with people I want to be with: family and friends. I’m at the highest point when I am with these people each day – positive influence on each other.

3.    Keep moving forward – have something to strive or look forward to – however big or small they are – a bright future ahead.

And also….

4.    Never miss a party if you can help it!

 He also says he doesn't ignore when he is feeling bad, he acknowledges it, and does what he needs to do to move through it.