I am creating a library of videos on all the topics covered here in this wAPP.

Videos related to living and working through these difficult times during the COVID19 pandemic - these are 4-6 minute videos which I am doing 2-3 times a week to help support and inspire others. Click https://inspiretransformation.co.uk/page/video-shorts-for-lockdown/ to view these video shorts.

The following videos are recordings of my lunchtime webinar series. To hear about future free webinars register with my website by clicking here 

Thriving Vs Surving In Life - Melanie Greene & Sara Southey https://www.thesoutheyway.com

Making Values Stick - Melanie Greene & Val King www.bfg-associates.co.uk 

Thriving in 2021: By Raising Your Emotional Inteligence

Overcoming The Barriers To Comfort & Productivity in Your Workplace with Alison Thomson, expert in posture and ergonomics www.thesafetyelf.co.uk and Melanie Greene

Being & Doing - how to achieve things in these challenging times

Happy Healthy Conflict - how to communicate in these challenging times

Managing Your Mind, Mood & Motivation 

Self Leadership - take charge of your own life